Our Vision

A Civil Society that engages, inspires and works towards solutions through Public Participation

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We strive

We strive to be a friend to Civil Society Organisations( also known as NGOs, non profit organisations) . We hope to promote giving from individuals, which will in turn increase accountability of CSOs to a more diverse population.

We believe

We believe in the Social Sector. We know its a vital element in building a humane Society . We will support any individual,groups and companies who want to make a difference in a cause they choose

Our Beginning

In the year 2000, a few passionate individuals in Bengaluru came together with a simple idea – to support, encourage, and promote CSOs. The intent was to enable training, provide opportunities to raise funds, and connect them to individuals and organisations, who wanted to engage with civil society organisations.Thus we became a cause neutral organisation working across country.

Social Sector

Get to know the causes, CSOs, their work, You can choose to support them by donating, fundraising or volunteering for them.

Get involved

There are plenty of easy things that you can do from the comfort of your own home to get you started on the path of giving back. Donate Make a contribution to a cause, you choose to bring change in a life and in ways that can only be experienced, you will feel the change too. Fulfill Wishes (link to general wishtree page) If you want to choose how your money has to make a difference, fulfill a wish. The Civil Society Organisation (CSO/ NGO) will use the funds for the specific purpose mentioned. Alternatively, you can get in touch with the CSO/ NGO and meet them with the actual item of the wish requirement. Volunteer (link to only volunteer wishes) Choose to give your time and skill for a requirement

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Meena Dave

Meena, before joining India Cares in 2010, worked with Give India in their Payroll Giving team from 2006 to 2010; and before that with Support Direct in their marketing department. Meena has a Management educational qualification.

Oli Bhadra
Regional, Co-ordinator

Oli is passionate about social work. She started volunteering in the social sector through theater. She wanted to convert her passion to her profession. Now she works with India Cares Foundation. She believes in the philosophy ‘empathy & hard work can uplift society’. She holds a degree in Journalism & Mass Communication.